Phoenix CtS (Rotary)

Computer to Screen (for Pad-Printing, Offset-Printing and Diazo Film)

DROP presents Phoenix UV-LASER with 96 laser direct imaging bundled to one laser beam (with 24 watts or 48 watts) for high quality printing plates with a resolution of 2400 /2540 dpi (optional 5080 dpi) for almost all printing processes like screen printing, offset as well as film exposure. Phoenix is the future-proof solution for the production of high-quality printing plates for industrial applications with optimum efficiency. The unique Laser & DMD exposure system guarantees producible qualities with reliable service life in the press, especially for the production of coated screens. The laser exposure system with HD DMD chip enables perfect surface and depth curing of the screen emulsions used. The EOM values remain stable before and after processing.

Each exposure pixel is exposed at least 800 times with the selected and bundled laser energy with the HD-DMD chip and at the same time 1920 pixels are exposed with 96 lasers bundled into one beam. This allows us to achieve the best possible photoemulsion curing, edge sharpness and screen reproducibility.

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